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Apples are by far the largest crop we grow. Harvesting circa 90 million apples every year, our main varieties are Royal Gala, Braeburn, Cox and Bramley. We have some exciting new varieties in the pipe line which we hope to bring to the market next year. The fruit is all sold from September to May to premier retailers in the UK.

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We grow three varieties of Pears: Conference, Comice and Concorde. A commercial pear orchard can last up to 30 years which makes it a great investment for future generations. We sell all our pears to UK premier retailers from September to June.


We always enjoy kicking our season off with our plum harvest. We grow 12 varieties of plums, eight of these are pioneering new varieties that have yet to reach the UK market…… watch this space…! Our plums are all sold to UK premier retailers from July to September.

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Together with a partner of ours, we have pioneered the UK apricot industry, proving that you can indeed grow high quality apricots in the UK. BBC’s countryfile used our apricot story as a major feature in 2017. Due to our climate, we can grow apricots with a fantastic red blush. The apricots are all sold to UK premier retailers from July to September.


The sweeties of our fruit, we grow varieties such a Kordia, Lapins, Penny, Regina, Sasha and Skeena. You can’t beat a Great British Cherry.



We are planting our first 8ha vineyard in 2019 with Chardonnay vines. The grapes that are produced are destined to be made into high quality English Sparkling Wine.