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Since 1892.

Bardsley England was founded by our great-great grandfather, who planted our roots in this ever-yielding soil in the Garden of England.  As father handed down to son, our business has naturally blossomed into a top fruit operation that grows high quality apples, pears, plums and apricots predominantly for supermarkets. The current generations Nigel (4th) and Ben (5th), are shaping the business for future generations through innovation, quality, empowerment, smart working and a clear investment plan. Bardsley England have a fantastic team of motivated, bright and empowered employees who are key to the businesses success now and in the future. The business now employs over 420 people at its peak.


“We are passionate about future innovation” Ben Bardsley

Bardsley England operates across 17 sites over 505ha of land throughout Kent. River Farm HQ is where the packhouse and main storage facility forms a centralised operation and distribution hub processing over 25,000tns of fruit every year.




After a large expansion in 2018 we are now farming over 505ha of productive orchards. The fruit growing operation is headed up by Production Director Paul Smith.

West Kent Operation

A collection of 12 farms across 220 hectares operating from River Farm. The majority of these orchards are on the South Facing Greensand which provides an excellent south facing environment for growing the very highest quality apples, pears, plums, apricots, and grapes. It is from these orchards that we pick our award winning apple and pears for the annual National Fruit Show .

This operation is manged by farm manger Rob Wickham.

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East Kent Operation

A collection of 5 farms across 285 hectares operating from Bridge near Canterbury. These farms have benefited from a very large investment period over the last 7 years. As a result the orchards are producing industry leading yields and quality.

This operation is manged by farm manger Will Jarvis.

We also have a fantastic pick your own at Felderland Farm, come and visit us for a great family day out!